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Homes in the Hill Country style have become popular outside Central Texas with good reason.   The Hill Country style combines the rich history of colonial architecture in the South East with local materials and details.   Because it draws on such a wide variety of influences—including French, Spanish, and Mexican villa design— the Hill Country style is extremely versatile and a good choice for the Gulf region. 

   Hill Country Stone House


Variety is one of the great strengths of Hill Country design, but its use of local limestone is one of its most recognizable, unifying features.   Limestone comes in a wide array of shades and finishes, and its selection is one of the most important choices in your home.  Your stone  selection sets the tone for the house, from bright and contemporary to warm and rustic.  Whatever your budget or vision, a stone exterior will raise the impact and value of your home greatly.

                                                      Country Kitchen

  Backyard water hole

HCH 1110

                             A Modern Hacienda in the Hill Country

                                                       Customize your wine bar

New Design Studios produces a variety of house plans each with a focus to a client's interest in achieving a particular Lifestyle Solution, the above is a 4000 sf Hill Country solution, and we look forward to helping achieve yours!                     

Courtyard and Porch spaces:

European and Mexican villa architecture inform the Hill Country style’s use of outdoor spaces to connect living areas with the rest of your property.  Porches and courtyards baffle the region’s harsh sun and make it easier to feature generous windows and glazed exterior doors.  The north and south elevations usually provide the most useful and comfortable porch spaces, but a skillful design can take advantage of your individual lot to maximize your enjoyment of your property.  Covered exterior spaces have always been an important part of building in the South, and they will transform the interior daylight of your home in dramatic ways.

  New Mediterranean Home  

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